Look for a Dermatologist?
Best Dermatologist Near MeThis is a medical practitioner who deals specifically with the skin, hair, nails, mucous membrane and other diseases related to it. A dermatologist is trained to treat a patient of any particular age having a dermatological condition.

There are over 3000 diseases that dermatologists handle other than providing special care to those who seek to improve their skin appearance. Despite the pressure in their work, they are said to be the happiest people in their personal lives. That was established after a study was carried out on 29,025 practitioners from 25 different places. They gave an average of rating of 4.05; 1 representing unhappy and 5 representing very happy.

The best dermatologist in Auburn, WV
There are several diseases which the best dermatologist in Auburn, WV can handle. As written earlier, there are over 3000 diseases they can handle. This demands that they be very competent to handle a wide range of conditions, some of which may not necessarily deal with skin conditions.

The following are the most common cases that the best dermatologists in near me with.

This is a long term skin condition common to middle aged women. It causes the face to be red and is often characterized by pimples filled with pus on the face. The eyelids may also swell and the blood vessel appears on the skin. This disease can spread to various parts of the body such as the ears, cheeks, chin, forehead, chest, and nose. The root cause of rosacea is not yet known.

Commonly referred to as herpes zoster. It is a viral infection caused by the virus varicella zoster virus. It is common in people having a low immune system. It affects nerve endings, therefore, cause a very painful skin rash. It mainly affects the older people and can disappear without treatment. However, treatment is encouraged to reduce the time frame of the infection as well as prevent numbness.

This is a skin disease that is caused when the skins hair follicle is blocked by oil or dead cells. It is characterized by inflated spots and can occur at different parts of the body. It causes different types of pimples and is very common in adolescents. See this great solution for acne here.

Fungal infection
Fungal infections are commonly caused by the candida bacteria. It affects any membranes such as the skin, hair or mucous membrane. It has no serious symptoms to normal healthy people but the symptoms can be very adverse in those with a weaker immunity.

Nail problems
The nails are obviously among the smallest organs in the body which we do not pay much attention to. They, however, matter a lot as they are the good indicator of underlying health. Most of the nail infections are common fungal related. The best Dermatology near me would recommend antibiotics as treatment if the infection is not severe.

Dermatitis and eczema
It is a disease that causes inflammation in the skin and is very common with children. It is characterized by a rash on the skin, lesions, and redness of the skin. It may also cause oozing and scarring. There are different forms in which it occurs.

Hair disorders
The hair is a very important part of the human body mainly because it adds some beauty to the face, mainly to girls. Nonetheless, there are some disorders that can affect the hair. Some are such as hair loss. A hair disorder is the main indicator that the health of the underlying skin is not well. Some disorders are genetical while others may be caused by organisms such as head lice.

This is a skin condition characterized by scaly patches on the skin. It is as a result of the very rapid growth of the skin cells which die when they reach the upper side of the skin. It commonly occurs on the scalp, the knees, and the elbows, basically where the skin is thicker. Sometimes it can be confused to be some type of eczema, therefore a diagnosis is always important to confirm things.

Skin cancer
Cancer affects various parts of the body including the skin. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer which affects many people in America. There are many types of skin cancer. It can be treated successfully during its early stages as the late stages can prove to be very detrimental.

The pigment of the skin is one of the most important components of the skin. The skin condition vitiligo makes it lose its pigment and results to the formation of patches on the skin. The particular cure for this type of condition is not known, but there are treatments available for the same.

This is a growth caused by a virus called human papillomavirus. It affects the skin especially the areas leading to a broken part of a skin. Warts occur as a result of rapid growth of the skin cells. Sometimes warts may go away but the persistent ones can be removed by dermatologists. The best dermatologist in Auburn, WV has done quite a number of procedures to remove warts, saying it is very simple.

Treatments available for common dermatological problems
There are different treatments offered to the different dermatological conditions. They may vary as some are not so serious and can be treated by very common medication. Others may be very serious and may require surgeries or other serious procedures. These procedures can be done in many places, even by the best dermatologist in Auburn, WV. Some of these procedures are explained below.

Chemical peels
This is a procedure done to rejuvenate a skin. It can be done to repair sun damaged skin, to remove age spots as well as to remove skin acne. It involves the use of a chemical solution put on the skin which causes its layers to peel and off leaving a younger skin.

This is one of the simplest yet quickest procedures done by the dermatologist. It can be performed to remove warts. The procedure involves freezing the skin lesions by the use of nitrogen which makes it easy for it to be destroyed.

This is a type of a pain-free kind of procedure which involves the removal of a skin sample to examine the cause of a problem. It also involves the removal of skin that does not look normal.

Cosmetic injections
This is a simple procedure done to remove wrinkles and signs of aging temporarily. It involves the use of fat or collagen to tighten the face and remove wrinkles. It can be done on any visits at dermatologist’s office.

This involves the removal of a certain part of the skin. This is done to prevent the spread of a particular disease or for beauty reasons. An anesthesia can be used to numb the area before the surgery. When consulting one of the best dermatologists near me, advised that excision is the best procedure when removing some part of the skin affected by cancer. However, it is not so good as it may lead to ugly marks on the skin.

The best dermatologist in Auburn, WV recommends this procedure to someone with psoriasis. Fast rotating brushes are used to remove the top layer of skin, making it change appearance. It also removes wrinkles and some potentially cancerous skin.

Hair removal and restoration
Hair disorders mainly include hair loss and growth of unwanted hair. Unwanted hair can be removed through electrolysis which helps to destroy the hair follicle. On the other hand, hair loss can be treated surgically by hair transplantation.

Mohs surgery
This type of treatment is done to those who have skin cancer. The skin is removed layer by layer until there is no more cancer cell remaining. It is a delicate procedure that can only be done by a dermatologist experienced in surgery.

Vein Therapy
This is done to make the veins that protrude on the legs to disappear. Foam is put in the veins and it causes the veins to disappear. The best dermatologist in Auburn, WV recommends this procedure for those who have rosacea.

Tumescent liposuction
This is the process by which excess fat is removed in the body. During the procedure the area where the excess fat is to be removed is benumbed. The fat is then sucked out of the body. Sometimes lasers can be used to rupture the fat cells, therefore, making suction easier. It is a treatment used for body contouring.

Laser surgery
This deals with quite a number of skin problems including, tumors, moles, wrinkles and unwanted hair. Laser beams are used to relieve these skin conditions.

Skin grafts and flaps
Sometimes due to an accident, a particular portion of the skin may be mislaid. A flap may be put at such a place to replace the missing portion of skin. Also, a skin portion can be removed and placed at another different part.

The best time to see a dermatologist
The best dermatologist in Auburn, WV would recommend that you get to the hospital when having any problem with the skin, nail or hair. Depending on what condition you want to be treated, you can see a dermatologist who is specialized in that particular area.

Other times to see a dermatologist is when you want cosmetic procedures to remove wrinkles or other signs of aging.
After an interview with one of the best dermatologist in Auburn, WV, he mentioned some signs that may make it necessary to see a dermatologist. They are:

If you have a place on the skin that is itching for more than a week. Itching is very normal, but when sometimes it happens too much, you should see a dermatologist.

When your skin is becoming way too sensitive for the sun. It may be an indicator that your skin is lacking something. A diagnosis can help before the problem advances further.

Having persistent patches on the skin. The skin is a very important part of the body as it reflects the health of the body. Patches on the skin can be a sign of psoriasis. This condition has no cure, but the treatment can work well when administered earlier.

When having lesions on the skin. This is the main symptom of skin cancer. Just like all other cancers, when it is treated in its early stages then it becomes manageable.

Having persistent acne. Acne is very common in women who around their thirties. It disappears after some time even without treatment. When the acne becomes persistent, then it means that there could be a problem.

If you have ever been under the sun for a long time, it would be wise to get to a dermatologist. The reason is, continual exposure to the sun may lead to skin cancer. The earlier it is detected the better.

If you are aging and you still want to look young. The dermatologist place is the best place to go. There are simple procedures that can get you back to looking young. Some of this procedure has been performed by the best dermatologist in Auburn, WV and he describes some as painless.

When having rashes that are persistent. Rashes can indicate quite a number of signs of unhealthy and it will be wise to get a diagnosis.

Brittle nails. When your nails are very brittle and they keep on falling off very often, the dermatologist is the best place to get a solution.

Excessive sweating. Sweating can be as a result of hot temperatures but some other times that may not be the case.

Losing hair suddenly. “Hair loss is not always normal condition,” says one dermatologist near me. Normal things in life should not always be assumed.

Having dry and cracking skin. Dry skin can be as a result of dehydration or less water content in the body tissues. Sometimes it also does occur even when the body is hydrated.
Persistently growing warts. When warts grow so much on the skin it can be dangerous and may spread all over the body. Unless they are removed or a good diagnosis is given as to why they are growing.

Studying dermatology
Studying dermatology involves quite a number of years of study and practice. Before getting to study dermatology one must have a college degree. Subsequently, you must graduate from a medical school and become a medical practitioner for a year. The year experience is mandatory so as to be familiar with the hospital and clinic. For the interns training for dermatology, the year is utilized to learn other associated fields in surgery, pediatrics and emergency medicine.

After completion of the internship, there is a residency program where the trainee may take not less than three years. The residency is followed by a board exam for certification. The board exam is done after every ten years to ensure that the dermatologist is updated about any advances. The dermatologist may decide to specialize in a particular field of dermatology such as cosmetics, hairs or nails depending on the interest.